Carnival in Le Marche, the Best of Italian Folklore

Offida CarnivalLe Marche is a coastal region of Italy, with free sandy beaches and coastlines for miles. Le Marche has beautiful buildings and views, with architecture the likes of which you just can’t get anywhere else in the world. With such a rich history displayed everywhere on every landmark, Le Marche is absolutely breathtaking. This is the perfect region to look into if you want a second home in Italy for vacations or to move to permanently. Properties for sale in Le Marche have some of the most beautiful homes and views that you will ever see.

Le Marche is an exciting and beautiful place with both modest properties and large estates with as many as 14 bedrooms. Big or small, you can’t go wrong in Le Marche. If you are going to use the property for vacation, then I definitely recommend you go at least once during one of the many famous Carnivals. Le Marche’s Carnivals are renowned for being spectacular, fun and full of tradition. One Carnival, celebrated on Fat Tuesday (as many are), starts with huge and colorful floats by the shore, and then moves inland for the real party. There is more food than you could imagine, and so many people in costume, just enjoying the frivolity of having a good time.

There is also the Offida Carnival, which consists of men moving a giant fake ox through the streets, then a crowd of young people in robes move it swiftly, in attempt to show the ox’s nature. This used to be performed with a live ox and then it was ritually slaughtered, whereas now they just do so symbolically. The Fano Carnival, Italy’s oldest, is a huge and beautiful affair, with entertainment, food, exhibits and so much more. They try every year to make it better than the last, with more color and excitement to give people an experience not to be forgotten. It is one giant party, each day different and new with a lot of great things to do free of charge. The Carnival of Fano is very similar, also with free admission and every event you can imagine.

The carnival of Macerata has chariots, music, dancing, cake and a whole lot of fun. With all of its colorful displays and confetti everywhere, it truly is a wonderful celebration.

The Ascoli Carnival is a traditional festival of dancing, music, masks, confetti and fun. With so much to do and see it is another carnival worth attending. The Carnival of Ascoli Piceno, starting on January 17th each year, consists of people in masks, doing skits and impersonating celebrities, local government and other well-known people. The city is lit up with beautiful lights, as the streets become theaters and the spectators become participants.

Lastly, the Amandola Carnival is celebrated with two large events. First there is a parade with people in masks everywhere. Then there is what is called the beacon of King Carnival, during which people in old costumes throw wheat and poppy in honor of Blessed Antonio. There are also actors and theater afterwards during this one as well.


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