The Part of Sicily You’ll Starve to Love

Civilized by the Greeks for ages under the sheer dominance of Romans and later invaded by the Barbarians, only to be occupied by the Normans, the Angevins and the Swabians, swayed to Spaniards and the bourbons of Naples, before being amalgamated into the Kingdom of Italy in 1860 the Sicilian inherited an array of traditions. Sicily is in the shape of a long triangular one of whose side runs along the sea. The streets are surfacing through a proper order and this is how one should imagine Sicily.

Amidst this revelry, the Sicilian flag which had initially gone through several changes but the final piece endured head of Medusa and triskelion. The Greek associated this symbol with the Magna Grecia Period, when they conquered the island with its triangular shape that stands for the three legs that mark the edges.

real estate in sicilyHouses for sale in Sicily are therefore famed for their epic cultural endurance. The peculiar traits that evolved over the period of time can be seen and felt even in the nominal things such as strolling on the beach. The sparkling heavenly water that spread across the Sicilian region is a delight. Other than the popularized food, magnanimous shoreline, culture, art, climate Sicily is also regarded for it’s utterly remarkable souvenirs.

When holiday’s reach to end and you have grasped as much as you could of your ideal destination, you seek for souvenirs which can push you down the memory lane. Sicily can be an enchantment in terms of offering souvenirs that you can cherish for eternity.

A bottle of wine: Wine is an integral part of Italian culture, and Sicily provides with seamless opportunities to procure wine that tastes delicious; Zibibbo, an archetype of unique sweet wine.

Pottery: With a land that practices culture in high spirits, it is natural to be delineated with models that sparkle culture in abundance. Sicily has an ancient and really notable pottery tradition available in various colors, shape and design that gels well with almost every house. Property in Sicily is enriched with such artifacts in profusion.

Coppola Cap: A well known and regarded symbol of Sicily is the flat cap. Coppola is showcased worldwide in movies, paintings, pictures, art, books and postcard. They are available with customized embroidery, color, texture and price.

Stone Products: Who doesn’t know about Mount Etna? The world’s most famous, active and tallest volcano dwells on the coast of Sicily. Thence derived handmade Etna Lava items of all shapes and size.


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