Calabria: An Ideal Holiday Spot

Calabria is a region that will leave you magnetized. If you visit this region, your summers will never be the same; trading in high heels, gushing wind, majestic mountains and 760 km of unobstructed coastline will provide you an ever-changing view as to how beautiful summers can be. Calabria is famous for five mountain loops that are present in the region with the highest peak rising 2000 meters above the sea level. This region is home to clean white beaches, turquoise blue water and a perfectly running coastline, as if carved by god’s own hand. The rising peaks of mountain which dramatically rise up against the sea can be a picture perfect sight for any holidaymaker.

The region is drenched in rich history and cultural facts with an array of churches, palaces, artisanal workshops and monuments’ that are a constant reminder of its heritage. These attributes attract a lot of queries from overseas buyers regarding property in Calabria; however it is advisable to trust only trusted sources and well established organization for such investments in order to avoid and loss.

Houses for sale in CalabriaCalabria’s landholdings are a unique trait of the region and are unrivalled with all other Italian regions. The region is delimited by The Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto from three sides. Like a fine wine, this region is getting better with age and time and is becoming a perfect Italian experience fort many sightseers.

The local food carnivals bring together so much of food-delights that ensure Calabria’s fondness for their food and cuisine. The peperoncini festival, which has a strong influence of spicy red peppers that are present in almost everything; Salami, Sausage, Pasta, Vegetables let alone the fritters are a true essence of Calabrian taste and preferences. Antipasti, which is a common dish in Italy seems to operate under a belief that it is not just one but a collaboration of various prosciuttos, cheese, stuffed and marinated vegetables, bruschetta and many other cuisines that make a standard appearance.

Calabria real estate witnesses some of the most cleanly and clearest Mediterranean sights. This region offers farming space to almost every viable plot which is a big advantage for locals to grow their vegetables in the backyard.

However, there are many other wonderful things about Calabria like farmhouse bread, delicious gelato, hand formed ball of chocolate and the local pastas, which adds to the charisma of the region. This region is basically a holiday home, which is why many overseas buyer holds a property only to understand this region more precisely than the usual. The warming hospitality, serene shoreline and the tranquillity in the region is more than enough to please anyone who visits the region.


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