Sardinian Food: Dichotomy Of Past & Future

In the well conventional, distinguished and known realm of culture, art and food of Italy, Sardinia offers up the most interesting and unique history. Sardinian food idealizes many cultures that have left a mark on the history of Italy. Thousands of rare species & plants dwell in the region which remains staples to the localite. An epitome of how ancient inheritance is grasped can be seen in the Grenache Wine Grape, section of which are as old as1, 200 B.C.

Sardinian food ranges from seafood to freshly baked breads, from olives to roasted suckling pig. The whole region is a food’s paradise. Albeit, it is highly challenging and not viable to determine that one dish which will define Sardinia as the taste and choices of food differ from town to town, yet they follow quite similar traditions.

Property for sale in SardiniaA typical Sardinian meal will be demarcated in two courses with Sa fregula (round shaped pasta), malloreddus (pasta cooked with the aroma of tomato/ saffron), ravioli, panadas & meat, while the later will typically cover a fish/meat dish. Beautification & embellishments are very integral to this region and thus their food delicacies are always enriched with rich adornment.

The distinctive flavors of the Sardinian cuisines are not an outcome of just Italy but a hybrid influence. Sardinia, because of its undistinguishable & mesmerizing attractiveness has always been victimized by human arrests. Commonly known as the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is one of those regions in the world which is recognized by National Geographic as “Blue Zone” where people live as long as 100 years.

Another unique activity that happens in the region is the processing of Cazu Marzu ¸a form of cheese which has drawn concerns from all over the world. While to some, it may occur highly depressing and unhygienic; Sardinian holds this cheese in high regard. This is matured in open air and flies are allowed to lay eggs inside the cheese. This leads to a process where countless maggots infest the cheese and the enzymes produced by these maggots’ further ferments the cheese. The cheese is then eaten directly with maggots.

People from different part of the world come to visit this region to witness this traditional activity which is very sacred to the Sardinian people. It is then that property for sale in Sardinia catches attention from people of different cultural backgrounds and region of the world. The entire region doesn’t fail to surprise its visitors in any way and offers a consortium of natural beauties. It may occur like time stands still on the island, but in fact, it has come full circle.


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