Understanding Umbria

The landlocked region, generally acknowledged as the green heart of Italy is a typical picture-postcard region of Italy. Real estate in Umbria is holding a mounting demand from international tourist and prospective buyers.

While there are countless options for everyone to go anywhere in this whole wide world, the ever-changing, untouched Umbrian beauty calls for agreement. It is a region that will never fail to amaze and comprise the magnanimous beauty from hills, mountains, hollows, plains along with Tiber’s central basin. Many travel companies, tourist-experts and online mediums is helping people in reaching Umbria and ultimately bringing the charm of the region on a bigger platform.

Giuseppe Verdi said” You may have the Universe if I may have Italy” Its long history of geographic isolations and hidden gems which were never offered openly on the tables are now being discovered and appreciated by the people around the globe. Places like Nera River Valley, Marmore Waterfalls, San Pietro remains the hidden gems of the Umbrian region.

The epigram endeavors that Umbria is one the most flamboyantly silent region where beauty dwells in every act, yet it is highly serene and away from being artificial. Below are the list of important places and events that one must cover while they are visiting this region.

Property for sale in Umbria

Umbria Jazz Festival

Now celebrating the 20th year of its happening, the Umbrian Jazz festival is a delight. It offers a fascinating opportunity that brings the best musicians from around the globe on one platform.

Bridge of Towers

An opportunity to put up with jaw-dropping sights, the crowning glory of this region will take you in the 13th century amidst the natural surroundings, which spans the charisma.


Lodged on a volcanic outcrop, it offers best cathedrals in the region. It is too beautiful and charismatic to be overlooked.


Close to Assisi, a place which is best known for the annual music festivals. Villas, apartments and all the property in Umbria receive a mounting demand at the time of the fest. Regardless of the music that it offers, it is a very serene region to explore.

The region remains an opportunity for those who seek nature’s assistance to gain peace. It has many other hidden gems which make it a very well-preserved province.


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