Cuisine Paradoxes of Ligurian Region

Shaped like a boomerang and thus holding a magnanimous coastline from end to end, Liguria is dwelling in the northwest region of Italy. The anecdote of Ligurian victuals often travels to different corners of world through word of mouth. Genoa, capital of Liguria, the birthplace of Columbus and the city of more than one puzzling paradoxes , showcases world’s best cuisine delicacies.

To begin with the contradiction in terms, Ligurian food is today completely opposite from what it is supposed to be and yet manage to build a reputation of world’s most desirable food dishes. Liguria, being a port city, and once known as the queen of spices along with fabricating a new funnel for food from the New world is now distinguished by lack of fish dishes, a restricted use of spices and paucity of the revolutionary tomato?

Property in Liguria

Liguria has been of the most highly trafficked port city in the Mediterranean. When more than half of its people dealt in carrying voyages from one place to another, the last thing they wanted to eat on their return to home was fish and that is how their craving for fresh herbs and vegetables came into picture. This unequivocal behavior transformed the choices and related interest of people in Ligurian cuisine.

Today, the most subtle yet appealing characteristic of Ligurian food is herbs. They use basil, laurel, sweet marjoram and fennel in abundance: along with fresh vegetables like lettuce, eggplant & zucchini but tomato. By extrapolating the Ligurian food: Pesto, basil sauce, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, pecorino & virgin olive oil are the first few dishes that comes to one’s mind. But one thing remains common in all of them, which is limited use of spices.

Genoese especially have a special place for herbs in their regime, which makes the famous pesto high on basil and low on spices. Thus to have access over such herbs round the year, people in the region grows it in their respective houses which they believe is the best. Mixed air from the mountains and pinch of salty breezes make it perfect.

The food of Liguria represents the delicacies of a unique climate, refreshing herbs and the knack of preparing it extremely well. Other than this, Ligurian Wine is also very famous because of its inimitable taste. In all Ligurian provinces, there is a specialty called “Farinata”, which is a thin salty pie eaten as a nutritious snack: the traditional dessert being pandolce Genovese, amaretti and cubeli.

Liguria, a region with impressive mountains, magnanimous rolling hills, and wide coastline makes a vast region for things to see, do and eat. Here starting from nature to entertainment, everything posses its own charm of execution. The water being an enormously important feature of the region has rocky coasts accompanied by small coves and beaches of golden sand. This region is rich in history, culture, food and tradition is becoming more and more popular by every passing day.


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