World’s most desirable place to retreat your life.

Let me begin with the idea that there is nothing like knowing everything about Italy. Reckoned as world’s most attractive province, Italy has regions that are still lodging between hidden gems of past. Abruzzo, best known for its food, wine, and culture is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many travels blogs showcase uniqueness of the region, yet three things that came to me as surprise were:

• Well-known artist M.C Escher fetched his inspiration from the beautiful panorama of Abruzzo

• Abruzzo’s rich archeological heritage possesses Alba Fucens and Guerriero di Capestrano, pre roman art.

• Abruzzo has better wine to offer than California

• There are around 800 earth houses in Abruzzo

According to the renowned Huffington Post, Abruzzo has made it to world’s most desirable place to live or retire by people across the globe. It may occur to you that all the best places are nearly same in terms of climate, nature, cost of living, healthcare system and much more, however Abruzzo property has much more to offer than just the fundamental needs.

property for sale in Abruzzo ItalyAbruzzo is a somewhat golden sunset, which has splendid oasis, magnanimous landscapes, exquisite churches, castle, villas etc. The natural beauty here is a constant treat for eyes featuring: olive grove farmhouse, wealthy wine yards, Gran Sasso and much more. Bucchianico in Abruzzo is an ideal example of beautiful village that is thinly populated and offers affordable properties.

Property for sale in Abruzzo is the heart of urban area: albeit a picturesque, medieval, cultural localities surrounded by mountains. Life ambles here in full spirits with good food, wine and mouth watering Italian delicacies. Abruzzo has a rich culinary tradition attached to various provinces. Even then the properties are available for as little as €80,000, in which a lavish six bedroom village house can be procured.

To avail the cheap abodes at majestic Abruzzo’s mountain, the price range starts from just €25,000. However, even large properties can be procured at a very affordable price. Thus, to make smart investments and pick astonishingly beautiful abodes in return, invest in Abruzzo.


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