Wildlife, Spa & Landscape of Lake Como

Italy is one of those places in the world that you understand or you do not. The world witnesses the stupendous history, art, culture and heritage it posses. Amidst this beauty dwells Lake Como in the province of Lombardy, Northern Italy. This Y shaped lake has become an archetype of how mischievous nature could be. On your visit to the region, you will realize that the two legs are extremely flat but become mountainous as they head northwards towards the Alps.

Lake Como has been a popular retreat for people and sightseers since roman age for its astoundingly attractive art and cultural gems. It is widely accepted as one of the most magnificent lakes in entire Europe. Properties in Lake Como are thus known abodes of renowned personalities in world, from Madonna to George Clooney, from Richard Branson to Sylvester Stallone.

Properties in Lake ComoThe Mediterranean like climate and escalating exquisiteness, Lake Como as a tourist destination attracts visitors year-round. Lake Como properties are idyllically bridging the gap between the Italian owners and English-speaking potential renters. A wide array of holiday homes and dream homes are spread across the region.

Spina Vede Park above Piazza Cameriata in Como and Pian di Spagna Sature reservers just outside Como are two very famous wildlife destinations. Other than that, a many attractive birds prey around the region throughout the year. Sightseers highly be in awe of the presence of various species of duck, diving ducks, swans, cormorants, gulls and herons, while the sky often homes falcons and buzzards.

As a tourist destination, Lake Como entertains numerous excursions that start from the village to the valley. The Grigna, Resegone, Legnone are the main mountain that ranges on the east side of the lake and San primo residing between the two branches of the lake. It is because of the mountains that the region bears magnanimous weather round the year. Lake Como has winter whiteness to the warm autumn, from green springs to long summers.

Lake Como is another highly recommended spot for spa. The visitors can choose from various services and spaces for an enchantingly rejuvenating spa. Spa destination houses spectacular infinity equipped with Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, chromo-therapeutic showers and awe-soothing body treatments. In the Massage Room it is possible to have several types of personalized treatments and massages accompanied with aroma and color therapy. The gentle banks of romantic Lake Como once relive the era which once welcomed poets, writers and sophisticated travelers and thus becomes a remarkable destination of elegance.

Lake Como is widely popular for holiday homes and destination wedding. It has so much to offer for every stratum of wedding. Boat trips are another charm of Lake Como which makes it even more desirable.


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