Moving to Umbria, The Land of Truffles


Located in central Italy, Umbria has in recent times emerged as a favourite destination for those seeking to relocate to Italy. Many are attracted to this quaint “Green Heart of Italy” region by its mild climate, diverse local cuisine, friendly community, a rich history, and of course the region’s famous black truffle. It is a top choice for anyone interested in enjoying the best of Italian culture.

Despite being a landlocked region, Umbria has all the great Italian food and wine. Fresh or smoked trout is always available in all seasons while wild boars can be hunted during autumn. Olives with a low acidity level and a sweet delicate flavour grow in abundance all over Umbria. Some of the region’s famous wines include Grechetto white and Montefalco red wines.

Umbria is however famous for its black truffle found mainly in Valnerina. This region alone accounts for over 45% of truffles harvested in Italy. Truffles are commonly used in preparation of tasty meat, vegetables, and cheese servings. They are favourite fall culinary items in Italy. They are even celebrated with truffle festivals and fairs in the northern and central parts of the country. In Umbria, truffle seasons starts in January and peaks in April. Truffle festivals are usually held in the last weeks of February.

With the assistance of a good agent you can easily locate beautiful properties for sale in Umbria. There are a few attractive properties in the region’s lovely and unspoiled medieval towns which include Perugia, Spoleto, Todi, Assisi, Norcia, Valtopina, Citta di Castello, and Gubbio just to mention a few. Norcia is a commune town in south-eastern Umbria. It lies within the truffle growing Valnerina Valley of Sordo River. It is also well known for ham, sausage, and wild boar products, popularly known as “norcineria” products. The National Exhibition of Black Truffle of Norcia and Typical products takes place in Norcia every year. The exhibition showcases Norcia’s agricultural flavours and other gastronomic attractions. The 51st edition of the show will be held on 21st to 23rd

February 2014 and from 28th February to 1st March, 2014.

Valtopina is another famous truffle commune or municipality in the province of Perugia in Umbria. It is only 30 km east of Perugia and is made of several villages and hamlets including Giove, Ponte Rio, Gallano, Sasso, and Casatomaso among others. There is also city of Citta di Castello for anyone looking for properties for sale in Umbria. It is a larger commune in the northern part of Umbria 56 km from Perugia. It is located on River Tiber’s flood plain.

For those interested in finding a home in an idyllic medieval town with a rich heritage, and plenty of truffles, Gubbio is just the perfect choice. It is one of the oldest towns in Umbria with a rich traditional cuisine which includes white truffles and condiment sauce that can be sued on all types of pasta.

It is worth noting that more and more real estate investors are now turning to Umbria probably due to escalating prices in neighbouring regions such as Tuscany. The shift to Umbria is also in a large part due to the region’s rural landscapes, scenic woodlands, up to seven nature reserves, and of course truffles.


Carnival in Le Marche, the Best of Italian Folklore

Offida CarnivalLe Marche is a coastal region of Italy, with free sandy beaches and coastlines for miles. Le Marche has beautiful buildings and views, with architecture the likes of which you just can’t get anywhere else in the world. With such a rich history displayed everywhere on every landmark, Le Marche is absolutely breathtaking. This is the perfect region to look into if you want a second home in Italy for vacations or to move to permanently. Properties for sale in Le Marche have some of the most beautiful homes and views that you will ever see.

Le Marche is an exciting and beautiful place with both modest properties and large estates with as many as 14 bedrooms. Big or small, you can’t go wrong in Le Marche. If you are going to use the property for vacation, then I definitely recommend you go at least once during one of the many famous Carnivals. Le Marche’s Carnivals are renowned for being spectacular, fun and full of tradition. One Carnival, celebrated on Fat Tuesday (as many are), starts with huge and colorful floats by the shore, and then moves inland for the real party. There is more food than you could imagine, and so many people in costume, just enjoying the frivolity of having a good time.

There is also the Offida Carnival, which consists of men moving a giant fake ox through the streets, then a crowd of young people in robes move it swiftly, in attempt to show the ox’s nature. This used to be performed with a live ox and then it was ritually slaughtered, whereas now they just do so symbolically. The Fano Carnival, Italy’s oldest, is a huge and beautiful affair, with entertainment, food, exhibits and so much more. They try every year to make it better than the last, with more color and excitement to give people an experience not to be forgotten. It is one giant party, each day different and new with a lot of great things to do free of charge. The Carnival of Fano is very similar, also with free admission and every event you can imagine.

The carnival of Macerata has chariots, music, dancing, cake and a whole lot of fun. With all of its colorful displays and confetti everywhere, it truly is a wonderful celebration.

The Ascoli Carnival is a traditional festival of dancing, music, masks, confetti and fun. With so much to do and see it is another carnival worth attending. The Carnival of Ascoli Piceno, starting on January 17th each year, consists of people in masks, doing skits and impersonating celebrities, local government and other well-known people. The city is lit up with beautiful lights, as the streets become theaters and the spectators become participants.

Lastly, the Amandola Carnival is celebrated with two large events. First there is a parade with people in masks everywhere. Then there is what is called the beacon of King Carnival, during which people in old costumes throw wheat and poppy in honor of Blessed Antonio. There are also actors and theater afterwards during this one as well.

Epitomizing fashion since 11th century: Lombardy

It all began in the eccentric sense to endeavor marvelous fashion trends when in 11th century Italian fashion was screaming aloud. There are numerous places in Italy which exemplifies true and genuine sense of fashion in every fabrication. The undeniable charm of Italian fashion is famous and travelling in the remotest corners of the world through sheer excellence and compelling ability. One such promising region which has epitomized major assets in fashion and design is Lombardy. A very chief source of their aggrandized economic is coming from fashion and design.

The Italian glory is sprawling around a vast pool of innovation and creativity. It has countless elements to decipher rich belongingness towards fashion. Italian preaches art and fashion to them is the most appealing art which is defined in small to big pieces. A painting crafted by Leonardo da Vinci c. 1489 depicts fashion from a portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, closely associated with the Duke of Milan. This is a souvenir from the 15th century. Milan, the capital of Lombardy became synonyms with class and elegance over a short span of time. Milan led the fashion in 70’s and 80’s with the new labels like Versace, Armani and D&G opening emporia. This epitomized stylish made people around the globe long for Italian designs.

Over 50% of Italian designers belong to Lombardy, top international luxury brands operate from Lombardy and just in Milan, and there are more than 3200 fashion enterprises and more than 1720 textile manufactures. The extraordinary quality of the best fashion senses that is endured throughout the region calls and attracts admirers from different part of the globe. Properties for sale in Lombardy are thence delivering direct confrontation with the nation’s best talents, expertise and a big deal of opportunity for those who want to skill and enhance their understating of this industry.

Homes for sale in LombardyEvery artist has his own inspiration and a gem in fashion industry has to endeavor something truly magnificent in order to deliver universal growth. Lombardy has built strong alliances with natural, cultural and architectural perspective. It possesses many UNESCO world heritage sites and an array of masterpieces. Lombardy delivers diverse epochs and styles through stupendous Italian illustrations. Lomellina, a typical landscape of Lombardy, is covered with shimmering mirrors of water and rice paddies.

Property in Lombardy stupefies for the emotion that can only be felt in the culture, hospitality and liveliness of the region in rich and magnificent masterpieces. It is here that one finds strong attributes of artistic admiration. Because there are so many people who cannot agree to anything but the best, Lombardy has developed rich culinary expertise and one such delicious dish is saffron risotto. This region makes undeniably overwhelming Christmas sweets which are famous worldwide. Lombardy’s wine go by name and some of them categories the best available.

The whole region is swinging in a synchronized harmony with innovation, technology, contemporary, classic, fashion, entertainment, culture, heritage, food and wine.

The Part of Sicily You’ll Starve to Love

Civilized by the Greeks for ages under the sheer dominance of Romans and later invaded by the Barbarians, only to be occupied by the Normans, the Angevins and the Swabians, swayed to Spaniards and the bourbons of Naples, before being amalgamated into the Kingdom of Italy in 1860 the Sicilian inherited an array of traditions. Sicily is in the shape of a long triangular one of whose side runs along the sea. The streets are surfacing through a proper order and this is how one should imagine Sicily.

Amidst this revelry, the Sicilian flag which had initially gone through several changes but the final piece endured head of Medusa and triskelion. The Greek associated this symbol with the Magna Grecia Period, when they conquered the island with its triangular shape that stands for the three legs that mark the edges.

real estate in sicilyHouses for sale in Sicily are therefore famed for their epic cultural endurance. The peculiar traits that evolved over the period of time can be seen and felt even in the nominal things such as strolling on the beach. The sparkling heavenly water that spread across the Sicilian region is a delight. Other than the popularized food, magnanimous shoreline, culture, art, climate Sicily is also regarded for it’s utterly remarkable souvenirs.

When holiday’s reach to end and you have grasped as much as you could of your ideal destination, you seek for souvenirs which can push you down the memory lane. Sicily can be an enchantment in terms of offering souvenirs that you can cherish for eternity.

A bottle of wine: Wine is an integral part of Italian culture, and Sicily provides with seamless opportunities to procure wine that tastes delicious; Zibibbo, an archetype of unique sweet wine.

Pottery: With a land that practices culture in high spirits, it is natural to be delineated with models that sparkle culture in abundance. Sicily has an ancient and really notable pottery tradition available in various colors, shape and design that gels well with almost every house. Property in Sicily is enriched with such artifacts in profusion.

Coppola Cap: A well known and regarded symbol of Sicily is the flat cap. Coppola is showcased worldwide in movies, paintings, pictures, art, books and postcard. They are available with customized embroidery, color, texture and price.

Stone Products: Who doesn’t know about Mount Etna? The world’s most famous, active and tallest volcano dwells on the coast of Sicily. Thence derived handmade Etna Lava items of all shapes and size.

Choose Marvelous Lake Garda As Your Next Travel Destination

The ability of an artist is challenged when they are asked to give meaning to something which is beyond comparison. Picture perfect scenarios and a region which looks more or less like a hand crafted region by god’s favorite artist, Lake Garda is commonly known as the largest lake of the Italian premises and one of the best holiday destinations in Italy. Rich history, art, culture and food are just the additional benefits that one will endure once they are here, however the sole reason to visit Lake Garda should be the sprawling shoreline. The water that swirls in the lake is off breathtaking shade of blue, which ignites poetic influences.

Properties for sale in Lake GardaDwelling between the famed Milan and Venice, Lake Garda has fairly justified its existence and thence been visited the most by visitors around the globe. The beauty of this lake spreads from 51km long to 17km wide. The incandescent climate and striking environment gels perfectly well with the remarkably astounding historical and cultural remains that are spread all around the lake. Properties in Lake Garda offer a unique spot where visitors, holidaymakers and people looking for permanent abodes can enjoy their stay full of relaxation, thrill and enchantment.

This lake is delimited by mountains and is best known for its water activities. The region plays a remarkable dichotomy between the climates. The southern part has influences from the warmer grid, whereas the extreme north enjoys cool breezes which roll from Dolomite mountain valley. To treat yourself from typical delights of this region and a memorable travelling experience, try the ferry to soak in the local feel. This will be a unique sight for every sightseer.

One can visit an array of historical places and monuments around the lake, the architectural significance is marvelous. Sirmione, which is located on the peninsula, is highly regarded for its Roman Villa. Lake Garda is astonishingly beautiful. It is a region worth staying for the rest of your life. Travelers, visitors, holidaymakers and expatriate from all around the globe are finding their dream abode in the realm of Garda’s beauty. Homes for sale in Lake Garda are consequently bearing a high demand from overseas buyers.

This region is easily accessible. Tranquility and serenity can be availed in abundance. Lago di Garda, Valle di Ledro, Isola del Garda, Parco Baia delle Sirene, Salo and Bardolino are some renowned places to visit. These regions provide best opportunities for boundless adventure sports and contrasting with that, numerous sightseeing chances for romantic lovers.

Unravel the mysteries of this region and create your memorable fable with your loved ones.

Calabria: An Ideal Holiday Spot

Calabria is a region that will leave you magnetized. If you visit this region, your summers will never be the same; trading in high heels, gushing wind, majestic mountains and 760 km of unobstructed coastline will provide you an ever-changing view as to how beautiful summers can be. Calabria is famous for five mountain loops that are present in the region with the highest peak rising 2000 meters above the sea level. This region is home to clean white beaches, turquoise blue water and a perfectly running coastline, as if carved by god’s own hand. The rising peaks of mountain which dramatically rise up against the sea can be a picture perfect sight for any holidaymaker.

The region is drenched in rich history and cultural facts with an array of churches, palaces, artisanal workshops and monuments’ that are a constant reminder of its heritage. These attributes attract a lot of queries from overseas buyers regarding property in Calabria; however it is advisable to trust only trusted sources and well established organization for such investments in order to avoid and loss.

Houses for sale in CalabriaCalabria’s landholdings are a unique trait of the region and are unrivalled with all other Italian regions. The region is delimited by The Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto from three sides. Like a fine wine, this region is getting better with age and time and is becoming a perfect Italian experience fort many sightseers.

The local food carnivals bring together so much of food-delights that ensure Calabria’s fondness for their food and cuisine. The peperoncini festival, which has a strong influence of spicy red peppers that are present in almost everything; Salami, Sausage, Pasta, Vegetables let alone the fritters are a true essence of Calabrian taste and preferences. Antipasti, which is a common dish in Italy seems to operate under a belief that it is not just one but a collaboration of various prosciuttos, cheese, stuffed and marinated vegetables, bruschetta and many other cuisines that make a standard appearance.

Calabria real estate witnesses some of the most cleanly and clearest Mediterranean sights. This region offers farming space to almost every viable plot which is a big advantage for locals to grow their vegetables in the backyard.

However, there are many other wonderful things about Calabria like farmhouse bread, delicious gelato, hand formed ball of chocolate and the local pastas, which adds to the charisma of the region. This region is basically a holiday home, which is why many overseas buyer holds a property only to understand this region more precisely than the usual. The warming hospitality, serene shoreline and the tranquillity in the region is more than enough to please anyone who visits the region.

Enchanting Le Marche And Your Ideal Gala Time

Ideally, when a critic decides to ponder his belief upon any Italian region, they are left with a myriad of qualms about the sensitivity that they could not furnish with words. Time and again we have seen read and reckoned that Italy is a paradise on earth. It epitomized tranquility and an unbiased serenity which runs down from end to end. Italy is synonymous to art, heritage, culture, history, mouth watering cuisines, fine wine, breathtaking architecture and rich hospitality. Amidst this ecstasy, dwells Le Marche; a region holding a vast coastline running along the Adriatic Sea with an incredibly relaxing attractions.

Things to do

Other than sunbathing, trekking, adventure sports & strolling around the region; below is the list of places you could visit and change your Italian know-how forever. Generally acknowledged as the typical picture-postcard region of Italy, Le Marche has its own delights, that is immeasurable.

Santuario di Macereto

Basilica di San Nicola


Santa Maria a Pie di Chienti



Grotte di Frasassi

Chienti Valley

Abbazia di Fiastra

San Severino Marche

Marche Property ItalyThese places never thwart the visitors in any terms and always cater extraordinary experiences. Real estate in Le Marche are thence more or less like the ones belonging to a fairytale with perfectly sprawling sky, never ending grasslands and a climate that is more than just the right thing.

Le Marche strikes the perfect life between the beach life and culture. There are dozens of activities that are happening on the beaches which are paid and worth the amount, but if you are not willing to splurge and rather have the natural glee you can opt for free sections. A typical tour to Le Marche will involve dramatic influences from rolling hills and ancient villages that are dominated by incredible backdrop. There are many villages that account for Italy’s most beautiful places including some plausible gems like Sarnano & San Ginesio.

The cuisine of Le Marche holds deep influences from both; Sea & farm. Le Marche has its own version of many typical Italian dishes that makes a mark. They draw strong sway towards red and grey mullet, garlic, oil & saffron. Le Marche has excelled in acquiring substances that are small yet very remarkable aspects of cooking. The most popular meat in this region is rabbit, veal, quail pigeon, goose and chicken. Pizza Dolce is their archetype dessert.

When stars are veiling the sky above your head and you are still wondering what more this region could offer to you, do not hesitate to stroll around any property in Le Marche because you may confront a fine revelry. These are very common practices around the region where fresco eating, drinking and events with themes happen almost every calendar day.

So enjoy your delights with acclaimed local chefs and an awe-inspiring serenity.